7 Ways to Celebrate 70th Independence Day Differently

So, today is our 71st Independence Day and we are ready to celebrate the day. We will be watching a live stream of flag hosting in the morning then prime minister’s speech from the Red Fort on YouTube. Earlier our generation was not so interested in it but somehow Mr. Modi raised the general interest. We will also be wearing clothes and accessories painted in Indian tri-colour. We will be posting inspiration message on social media, forward quotes on WhatsApp etc. Some of us also join in morning flag hosting at a nearby school, college or public places. Some will participate in celebration marches.

But, don’t you think, we need to do something more than that or differently.

We have jotted down few of thigs we thought we can do to celebrate India’s 71st Independence Day differently.

1. Respect the Flag

Everybody will wave the Indian Tricolour in the air during the celebration. But sadly few throw it away on the streets. That is utter disrespect of the country, it’s martyrs and armed forces serving on the border. I know you guys will not throw away those small flags but if you found one then please pick it up, clean it and keep with you.

2. Plant a Tree

Several schools do this, they ask the students to plant trees on Independence Day, this is a great initiative. If possible, try to be part of it and plant one. If you live in the concrete-filled city, plant some flowering plant in the balcony at least.

3. Cleaning Programme

Some social groups and NGOs will arrange the public cleaning programs. You can register with them, take few of your friends with you. Post the pictures of the area you cleaned. If this is not possible then take a pledge not to litter on the roads and public places. You can separate the wet and dry wastage at home.

4. Know your Constitutional Right and Duties

Nowadays, we encounter a lot buzz and fuss about freedom of expression and all of the media. Along with our constitutional right, we should also know our constitutional duties as a citizen of India. Try to read the same. Share information about it on social media. This may not sound cool to share but you are doing your bit for the country.

5. Follow Traffic Rules for a Day at least

Well, we say everyone else breaks the road safety rules, honks for no reason and all. Whoever it is, you take a pledge that you will not break the traffic rules for a day at least. Same way don’t jump the signal, honk in no-honking zones.

6. Resolutions on the Independence Day

Take the pledge to not to write names on historical places, not to litter, spend some time with special need kids, help the disabled and old people.

7. Celebrate Freedom Every Day

One doesn’t need to wait for Independence Day or Republic Day to feel patriotic. We should respect and love our country every day.

One may ask what these things going to do for the country. If we get such small, kind, caring habits and when it will scale up to millions then you will see the difference. Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said,

Be the change that you wish to see in the world

Let us know what you did differently on our 71st Independence Day.

This is my small effort to convey the message, share it on facebook to make it big.

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