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So, are you bored of same repetitive Marathi status, quotes, and DPs? If yes then you are at right place. Here we are creating the best Marathi status, quotes and DP collection which can be used on famous social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here we will cover all type of topics like love, life, funny, cool, sad, attitude, friendship, aai, Shivaji Maharaj, inspiration. We will have the short one liners and bigger quotes too. You guys let us know which format you like most. We are creating perfect WhatsApp DP for profile pictures from these statuses and quotes. These are free to download, send it to your friends on Facebook, Instagram or share it on WhatsApp groups.

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Marathi Love Status, Quotes, and DPs

Here is a collection of Romantic Marathi WhatsApp statuses related to Love, BreakUp, Miss U, Attitude, Naughty part of it. I have written first four of them, I hope you guys will like it. J

पावसाच्या त्या सरी सोबत
थोडस ऊन ही होत
तेही वेड माझ्या सारख
तुझीच वाट पाहत होत..

पावसाच्या त्या थेंबांना
केसांत तुझ्या खेळायच होत
माझ्यासाठी नाही
त्यांच्या साठी तरी यायच होत…


Inspirational & Motivational WhatsApp DP, Status, Quotes for Boys and Girls

त्या रात्रीच चांदण
आपली कहाणी विचारत होत
काय सांगू त्यांना
माझ पाहिल वहिल प्रेम होत…


अंगणात पाऊस,
खिडकीत अंधार,
कुशीत थंडी
आणि स्वप्नात तू …

प्रेम म्हणजे प्रेम असत, तुमच आमच सेम असत…


प्रेम कर भिल्लासारखं बाणावरती खोचलेलं! – कुसुमाग्रज


Romantic WhatsApp DP, Status & Quotes for Couples, Girlfriend, Boyfriend

हिवाळ्याच्या थंडीत,
गवताच्या पातीवर,
दव जणू…


पानांच्या गर्दीत,
गुलाब जणू…

Rose love romantic bf gf stautus DP facebook instagram

कल्पनेतल स्वप्न,
स्वप्नातल आपल,
आपल्यातल कोणीतरी माझ जणू…


मिठीत ये माझ्या,
नवी स्वप्न दे मला,
तुझ्यातच सामावयाचे आहे,
श्वासात भरून घे मला…

Couple Sexy Naughty Marathi Whatsapp DP

Marathi WhatsApp Status About Life

Cool and awesome Marathi status and quotes about life in general. Fun, serious, naughty, funny all comes with part and parcel of life. Enjoy each moment of it.

वेळ कोणासाठी थांबत नाही…
मी आलो , मी पाहील, मी जिंकलो..
आयुष्य खूप सुंदर आहे..
आनंद समाधानात असतो, पैश्यात नाही..
पैसा हा प्रवासासाठी लागणारे इंधन आहे, ध्येय नाही..
अडचणी येतच राहतात, त्यांना घाबरायाच नसत, लढयाच असत..
जर तुम्ही स्वप्न पाहु शकता, तर तुम्ही ते करू शकता..

Attitude & Inspiration WhatsApp DP & Status

In this section, we have given the best Marathi Inspirational and motivational Whatsapp DP, Statuses and quotes. These DP and quotes will look great as your Whatsapp Dp and Status.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“मी अजुन तिथे पोहोचलो नाही आहे, पण कालपेक्षा आज नक्कीच ध्येयाच्या जवळ आलोय.”

“I am not there yet, but I am sure I am way closer to my goals than yesterday.”

Life is a long journey. We walk towards our goals every day. I am not sure when I am going to reach my goals, but I am sure I have progressed enough and today, I have been doing better than the yesterday. I hope I can inspire more people on their journey to the success.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“तुझा जन्म जिंकण्यासाठी झाला आहे.”

“You are born to win.”

Humans are born and they die eventually. So, what make some people worth remember even if they die? Yes, the success they have achieved. Living the same day for decades is not called life. Make each day useful. You are born to win.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“ना सबब,
ना तक्रार,
जा आणि जिंकून या.”

“No Excuses, No Complains, Go and Conquer!”

Life is running out with each passing moment, so grab those moments and make them worth. The excuses are not going to help you to reach your destination neither do the complaints. When you want success as badly as you breathe, only then you are going to reach your goals.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“जिंकण्याची खरी मजा तेव्हा येते जेव्हा सर्वजण तुम्ही हरायची वाट पाहत असतात.”

“The real joy of winning comes when everyone wants to see you lose. ”

People are two-faced. The face they show you are never the same. They talk behind your back. They spread the bad words about you. But this is the best time to show them that they are behind you for a reason.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“दृष्टिकोन बदला , आयुष्य बदलेल.”

“Changing your perception will change your life.”

Life is not as simple as we see it. Everything has its multiple perceptions. So when you change the way you look at the things, it will definitely change your life.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“दुःखाने मला अजुन सामर्थ्यवान बनवले.
भीतीने मला अजुन शूर बनवले.
अपयशाने मला अजुन महत्वाकांक्षी बनवले.”

“The pain have made me more powerful.

The fear has made me more courageous.

The failures have made me more ambitious.”

The ups and downs are the part of the journey, likewise, the success and failures are the part of the game. Learn from your mistakes, because the failures are the lessons in disguise. Make positive of everything that comes your way.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“उठा आणि संघर्ष करा !”

“Wake up and Hustle!”

Life is a constant struggle, where every day you have to fight the new battles. So every day wake up with the passion and e ready for the hustle, because there is no success without hustle.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“खऱ्या अर्थाने सामर्थ्यवान बनायचे असेल तर एकट्याने लढायला शिका.”

“If you want to be mighty, fight your own battles.”

Life is a journey and you have to walk your journey on your own. If you have to walk fast you have to walk alone. Only you can help yourself.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“उद्या कोणीही नाही पाहिला, जे काही आहे ते आज आहे.”

“Tomorrow never comes, Do what you have to do today.”

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. So, start today, right now, because the tomorrow never omes. Procrastinatingthe things every time will never help you. So do what you have to do today itself.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses

“स्वप्न ती नाहीत जी तुम्ही झोपेत बघता, स्वप्न ती आहेत जी तुम्हाला झोपू देत नाहीत.”

“Dreams aren’t those what you see while you sleep. Dreams are the ones which never let you sleep. ”

Completing you dreams need hardwork and patience. The success gotten by the great people was not sudden, they used to toilin the nights whie their competitors were sleeping. So fulfilling you dreams do not happen overnight. There are so many sleepless nights behind the success of great people.

Marathi Inspirational Whatsapp DP, Statuses
मी असाच आहे, जमल तर बोला
उद्या कोणीही नाही पाहिला, जे काही आहे ते आज आहे
आत्मविश्वास आणि योग्य दृष्टिकोन, तुम्ही काहीही जिंकू शकता…
डोळ्यांवराचा चश्म्यचा रंग बदला, आयुष्य बदलेल..

Facebook Quotes for Sad / Alone People

कोणी मला “कवी” म्हणतात.. तर कोणी मला “वेडा” म्हणतात…
हृदय तुटल्याचा आवाज येत नाही
मीच.. का?
तुझ्या आठवणीच खूप आहेत मला जगण्यासाठी…
आकाशात एक तारा होता.. तोही मझ्यासारखा एकटाच होता.. सोबत न्हवती कोणाची ना साथ होता.. आकाशात एक तारा होता..

Marathi Friendship Quotes

तेरी मेरी यारी
भोकात गेली दुनियादारी..

पार्टीला तर सगळेच येतात
हॉस्पिटल ला फक्त मित्र पोहचतात..

रडवशिल का आता?

खरे मित्र तेच जे
रोज चार चौघात इज्जत काढतात..

Best Quotes about Aai Baba (Mother Father) & Siblings

स्वामी तिन्ही जगाचा आई वीणा भिकारी

Marathi Inspirational Messages and Statuses

ठरवल तर अशक्य काहीच नसत
मराठी पाऊल पढते पुढे

We will be updating this list of latest Marathi WhatsApp statuses and DP, so keep visiting for me. If you guys like to add more to the list, please comment it in the comment box at end of article. We will create perfect WhatsApp DP which you can use as a profile pic or share on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

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