7 Ways to Earn Money In College Explained

earn money in college

You will relate to this for sure. I remember my college days when I always used to be short on cash, same is the story now too. 🙁 Almost every college goer spends money while going out with friends, going for a movie or arranging birthday surprises for their friends. You need even bigger amount if you are throwing a party. And we cannot ask our parents for extra money every now and then and even if you dare to go for it then you’ll end up getting this answer, Picchale Hafte Hi To 200 Diye The. Wo kahaa Gaye??

So to take care of this money shortage I found out these ways in which you can earn handsome amount of money while enjoying the college life. And the best thing is that you don’t need to have a college degree to earn money. Yeah! You read it right. So let’s see which are those magic formulas to make money while in college.

Get an Internship

Doing an internship in your field of interest will get you those 3-4 thousand bucks as a stipend, also it will give you the glimpse of how real job life works. Try to do your internship in the field in which you want to make your career, this will help you in your further career, such as if you like content writing then do your internship in the same area of content creation.

A lot of businesses who are focusing on college students need college ambassadors for marketing their products. If you have good sales or marketing skill you should try these options too.

Use Your Skills

Are you good at photoshop? Is your typing speed amazing? Do you have a DSLR? Then use these skills to earn that extra money you wanted. Help people in their design and editing work and they will give you money for your work. Search for freelancing typing or data entry work. All you have to do is to type the document from some reference. They will pay you according to your work.

Create an App

If you think you have an idea on which you can create an app and people will pay to use that app. It’s great, isn’t it? Create a simple Android or iOS app for your service such as Expense Manager for students, Reminder App and similar such which can be useful for students so that it will help you to promote it amongst other students. Also, it has become very easy to create apps with so many online tutorials and guides. They charge a small amount for the service. The profit will increase with an increasing number of people using your app or with the downloads.


There are so many students, they can be even your classmates who are not that good in understanding some concepts or subject. You can teach them and earn money. This is the best way you can earn money by just sharing your knowledge.

Prepare Notes

Here’s another way you can use your knowledge to earn money. If you are good at any subject, say Physics then you can prepare some notes from the textbooks and other sources and sell them to the students who find the subject difficult to learn.

Start a Blog

Do you think your expertise, experience, and knowledge of a particular topic is worth sharing with people? Then start your blog. Let the world see your work. This will give a global exposure to your work also you can earn some money by running online ads on your blog.

Sell Mini projects/PPTs/Logo Designs in College

I used to do the same. I am an IT engineer so, I used to sell mini projects to my juniors and also to my classmates. You can also make PowerPoint Presentations and sell them. If you are good at designing stuff then you can design logos, banners and charge them for it.

It’s always good to be independent in every aspect of our life, even the financial independence. Making money while you are in college will make you realize how difficult is to make money and also you will start spending it wisely. A college degree is NOT necessary to be successful and to earn money. Grades cannot determine one’s intelligence. 

Earning and spending money wisely will surely help you in  future.

Share with your buddies and let us know if you know any such ways to earn money while in college. 🙂

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