Style can be Learned

Style can be learned

It does happen that, a lot of boys even girls think that some people are born stylish. Everything suits on them. Some guys do have a natural flair in term of style, they do have a natural sense of color combinations and patterns. Whatever they wear it suits them perfectly. Yes, it’s true, but what I think is, it is not that he is born with it. See, style is basically a way of expressing yourself, your personality. If you got that self-confidence then it reflects in your personality too. It’s all about how naturally you carry your persona. You got to be you. That’s what the style is all about. If you copy somebody else then it’s not you, you got to be yourself. Even geeks, nerds & punks can be stylish then why not you?

There is one more important point here, style is about YOU. If you want to be liked by your crush and you fantasize about what kinda style she likes then the game is different. In this case, you may not be you, you desire to be somebody else who she would like. There is a big difference here bro. We will write in more details about it separately here. Just imagine you need to be someone else for whole life, it will suck the life out of you. So, be yourself, be stylish yourself. If she likes that she will fall for you. It is important so I am saying it again. The style is NOT only about clothes and accessories. The style is you Inside Out not another way around.

The still question remains unanswered, so let’s answer it. How to be stylish? The answer to this question have many facets and it beyond the scope of this small article. So what we did is we have created a separate section called “Style Basics 101“, which addresses all those facets of it. This guide also has intricate details of clothing, accessories, patterns, colors all such related stuff. Follow the link and read all those points. We will keep updating the “Style Basics 101” regularly.

Folks, let us know if these small guides have helped you in any sense. And share it with your friends who are in need of such info. They will be grateful to you.

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