What to Wear for Fresher Party – Guys Guide

Gone those days where only girls were used get ready for events and ceremonies, nowadays guys also started taking care of themselves. We see guys being more hygienic, more groomed and started getting more fashion conscious. This is overall good but still we are little behind in it compared to girls, after all, they a bit more experienced in makeup, fashion and all. But for this fresher party, you can raise your bar and get yourself ready to rock the college freshers party.

Whether you are a fresher or senior, you will definitely get help from this article. So, before jumping to know what to wear on fresher party let us see some do’s and don’ts.

Fashion Do’s & Don’t for Fresher Party

  1. Yes, you want to rock the party and impress that cute fresher classmate you fall in love with on the first day of the college itself. But take it slow. You should not overdo it.
  2. Please take a bath, if you are not used to it. Hygiene is one of the basic rules in style.
  3. Groom yourself, have a haircut. If beard suits you, keep it. Just trim it a bit if needed. Beard is in trend these days.
  4. Do not wear formal Shirt and Trouser, you are not going for an interview.
  5. Do not wear shorts and flip flops, unless you have freshers party on a beach, that will be a dream come true, isn’t it?
  6. Confidence is key to success, be confident, let it flow when to walk or talk.
  7. Have an attitude, not over-confidence. Don’t worry about things don’t go your way, shit happens, just enjoy the day.
  8. Last but not the least, wear a smile on face. You know what its FREE!!

Now let’s jump into Apparel and Accessories section which will help you to be the stud of your fresher party.

1. Casual Blazer

The best option for guys. That navy blue slim casual blazer is the one thing you should not miss. Wear it with a white tee and faded light blue jeans for contrast. Use white or brown sneakers, loafers or espadrilles. White shoes are in trend.

mensfashiongrid via Instagram

Here you can read our complete freshers party guide.

2. Jackets

You can don a dark olive jacket on a white tee and dark blue jeans, this combination is awesome. You can bless your feet with these stylish light brown Chelsea boots

mensfashiongrid via Instagram

Or you can reverse the combination. Wear a regular denim jacket on olive or military brown jeans.

mensfashiongrid via Instagram

3. Overcoats

Overcoats are not much in trend in India, India is quite hot and humid country. But that’s the point, I guess no one is going to don the overcoat, you can be that guy. Definitely, this will be the best way to get attention from girls.

mensfashiongrid via Instagram

4. Flannels

If you wanna know more about flannels, read it here. Flannel are in trend, they are trendy AF. You just need to get the combination right.

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Here are few more flannel colors and patterns.

flannelstore_ via Instagram

5. Accessories

You should don at least these accessories as per demand the combination you choose.

Stylish Watch & Leather Bracelet

accessories_4_men via Instagram

Metal Rings & Lockets

Great Pair of Shoes

Stylish Sunglasses

All Accesories pics from accessories_4_men via Instagram

If you a themed party or a fixed dress code, you may not able to use above guide but remember basic rules stay same.

Let us know how your fresher party experience was. If we have helped you in any sense to rock the freshers party then let us know; we are more than happy to know.

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